Keidanren has announced its policy proposal for “Society 5.0 – Co-Creating the Future.” These policy recommendations form guidelines for action for realizing Society 5.0. The first chapter sends a strong message that, even in this uncertain world, instead of considering digital transformation as a challenge, we will work to create a bright future. Instead of simply presenting the difficulties, it proposes that we create the society of the future together. It indicates to the member companies of Keidanren directions for the business sector to follow. The second chapter describes the specifics of the challenges we will meet in the path to realizing Society 5.0. These recommendations are the business sector’s declaration of action.

While some industrial sectors have deepened their debate considerably toward the realization of Society 5.0, there are other sectors where the way forward remains unclear. If we can consider digitalization in a positive light in a wide range of industrial fields, Japan’s competitiveness will improve.

In the United States, an ecosystem has grown up around the creation of venture businesses and innovation. Venture businesses have sprung up one after the other, and as they have grown, those venture businesses are being acquired by large corporations through M&As and other means. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are exiting those businesses by selling them, only to set about creating new businesses. This kind of system would not be possible without the mobility of human resources. The environment in Japan differs from that in the United States, and it would be no easy feat to nurture venture businesses in Japan to the same extent as in the United States. Based on Japan’s current circumstances, in which personnel are concentrated in the large corporations, we are proposing the launch of “Dejima-like” free zones within those large corporations.

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