GBC-MEDEF- B7 France Summit to take place in Aix-en-Provence on July 4th and 5th

French Business Federation (MEDEF) has the pleasure to launch B7 France Summit, which will take place in Aix-en-Provence from July 3rd-5th. The central topic of the B7 2019 will be: “Inclusive economic growth and governance for the 21st Century” answering to G7 France agenda focused on the fight against inequalities.

The B7 France Summit will be held in a modern and symbolic place: thecamp. By its transdisciplinary, transcultural and transgenerational nature, its location in a dynamic region in the South of France, its avant-garde architecture, thecamp is an innovative, rewarding and inspiring place. Cantered on sharing, digital and sustainable development, this place will also be in line with the topics of B7 members exchanges.

In Aix-en-Provence, during the two days of the Summit, MEDEF will gather business leaders and international experts to discuss the urgent need for new global governance, to encourage a reduction in inequality, to facilitate the ecological transition and digital transformation and to make global trade inclusive and prosperous.

To this aim, MEDEF will also work in close collaboration with L7 to demonstrate common goals shared by B7 and L7 actors and to provide an adequate legacy of the L20/B20 Declaration organized in 2011, in Cannes, for B20 France.

Indeed, integrating the social dimension into the global governance has gained ground within the previous G20/B20/L20 and G7/B7/L7 processes, which are the proper platforms for governments, business and trade unions to collaborate at an international level. The need to respond to the growing feeling that globalization leaves the middle class behind and increases inequalities have never been so important.

B7 France’s topics being widely shared by economic actors, MEDEF built a partnership with “Les Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence” (Aix-en-Provence Economic Forum), an annual event, which brings together top-level speakers from different backgrounds to discuss around innovative topics. The event will start in the afternoon of Friday 5th, following B7 France’s Summit, and continue for three days.

MEDEF intends to pursue the work achieved by the 2018, Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Presidency of the B7 by looking for all B7 members consensus on a short and concrete recommendation document.

Source: MEDEF