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June 06-09 2017: Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS), Geneva, Switzerland

The 1st 2017 Global IoT Summit will attract all IoT stakeholders from industry, academia and research. It will be co-located with the IoT Week 2017 and it will take place at Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG), Geneva.

Geneva, Switzerland, The IEEE IoT Technical subcommittee supported by IEEE ComSoC, announced the launch of the 1st Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) and the call for papers is open for submission:

“IoT is rapidly evolving with the substantial risk of not paying attention to safety, reliability, privacy, security, and interoperability. Research has a fundamental role to enable a globally interoperable IoT and to make it right,” said Sebastien Ziegler, General Chair and President of the IoT Forum.

“GIoTS 2017 will attract experts from industry and research in current and emerging technologies such as 5G-based IoT, software-defined IoT, IoT-centric Cloud Computing, including the Social Internet of Things” said Latif Ladid, Co-Chair and President of IPv6 Forum

Dr. Antonio Skarmeta, TPC Chair said, “The selected technical topics seek some maturity in IoT across the board. There are many facets that need research and experimental pilots to put the pieces together and give IoT innovation a roadmap”

GIoTS 2017 is supported by the IoT Week of the IoT Forum, The IPv6 Forum, the IEEE 5G subcommittee, the IEEE SDN-NFV subcommittee as well as the IEEE BiG Data TC. It will be collocated in Geneva with the IoT Week 2017, bringing together cutting edge research results, the IoT innovation community and the UN system with a unique worldwide outreach.

Source: Global IoT Summit

Image: Fotosearch

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