RSPP President Alexander Shokhin participates in the key B20 event under the German presidency – B20 summit in Berlin on May 2-3, 2017.

On the sidelines of the summit Dr. Alexander Shokhin held working meetings with BDI Director General Joachim Lang, BUSINESSEUROPE President Emma Marcegaglia and JUMORE E-COMMERCE CO., LTD delegation.

At the B20 Summit on May 2-3, 2017 the Business20 (B20) presented its recommendations to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is presiding over the G20 in 2017.

Over the past seven months, more than 700 representatives from companies and business associations from all G20 countries and sectors have developed recommendations, which strive to make the global economy more sustainable and future-oriented. The themes of this year’s G20 presidency are: Building Resilience, Improving Sustainability, and Assuming Responsibility. These are essential pillars for growth that is not only dynamic, but also inclusive and sustainable. The B20 supports these ambitions.

“If the G20 did not exist today, we would need to create it. Through trade, investment, financial integration, data flows, and migration, our economies are growing more and more interdependent. This interdependence is a driver of economic growth and prosperity”, B20 Chair Juergen Heraeus emphasized. However, it also means that crises can spread more easily, from country to country and region to region, and that existing opportunities can only be fully leveraged through joint efforts. “In our interconnected world, international cooperation is key – to realize the benefits but also to tackle the challenges”, Heraeus stressed.

The recommendations to the G20 leaders were elaborated in five taskforces on trade and investment; energy, climate & resource efficiency; financing growth and infrastructure; digitalization and employment and education as well as two Cross-Thematic Groups “Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption” and “Small and Medium Enterprises”.

The G20 leaders` summit will be held in Hamburg on July 7-8, 2017.

Source: RSPP

Image: Fotosearch