RSPP Annual International Forum under the theme “International Economic Cooperation in the New Realities” in the framework of the Russian Business Week was held in Moscow on 7 February 2018.

The discussion of the Forum focused on the impact of new trends, in particular digitalization and rise of protectionism, on business environment, trade and economic cooperation. The participants discussed cooperation priorities in the context of new challenges that Russian and international business, national governmental authorities and international organizations face.

RSPP President Dr. Alexander Shokhin welcomed the participants of the Forum. Dr. Alexander Shokhin highlighted the outcomes of Russian companies` survey on the most sensitive international trends and policy decisions. From the point of view of survey participants, the most important policy measures that could strengthen Russian business` competitiveness are investment in developing national production capacities and modernization of the Russian economy and support of national exporters by means of decreasing fiscal and non-fiscal burden. Financial support of export to high promising but also very risky emerging markets was named by respondents as the most efficient mechanism of export support.

The Forum concluded with a commemorative launch of the German-Russian Initiative for digitalization of economy (GRID) with participation of representatives of Siemens, SAP, Rostelecom, Skolkovo, ZYFRA and the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

At the Forum Dr. Alexander Shokhin on behalf of the RSPP signed the Memorandum on a Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The decision to join the Memorandum was made at the RSPP Board meeting in December 2017.

Source: RSPP