In recent years, Denmark has welcomed many refugees, refugees who need to integrate into and become part of Danish society.

Historically, these new citizens have found it difficult to get a foot in the door in the Danish job market. But a new scheme – the Basic Integration Programme (IGU – Integrationsgrunduddannelse) – has been designed to help refugees into the job market.

“Finding a job means that you are able to support yourself and learn the language and learn about Danish culture. Access to the job market is the quickest way into Danish society. That is why we applaud the aim of the Basic Integration Programme which is to ensure that refugees attain the skills and linguistic ability over a period of two years to enable them to start vocational training or take up employment on an equal footing with other employees,” says Deputy Director Steen Nielsen from the Confederation of Danish Industry.

To sign up a refugee under the Basic Integration Programme, three things are required: you have to find a refugee (something job centers can assist with), have a training plan in place and prepare an employment contract.

“Businesses interested in making a contribution to society would be suitable candidates for offering a refugee training under the Basic Integration Programme. The idea is that on completion of their two years of training refugees will have acquired the skills to work on an equal footing with other employees,” said Deputy Director Nielsen.

Source: Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) 

Image: Fotosearch