The Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) formed a Committee of Experts, chaired by CSC Vice Chairperson, Dr. Sami Al Obaidy. The committee includes selected Saudi experts from the field of business and economy. It comes as part of CSC’s efforts to keep up with, and achieve, the Saudi Vision 2030 by providing real indicators, studies, and research relevant to the business community’s concerns. 

CSC Chairperson Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi noted during the first meeting of the Committee of Experts, held at the CSC premises, and attended by fellow committee members and CSC Secretary General Dr. Saud Al Meshari, that CSC and chambers of commerce play a significant role in the economic development process, adding that the upcoming period will require a new approach in handling the economic reality. He pointed to the Saudi Vision 2030 in this regard, which raised expectations in respect to the private sector’s role, leading CSC to form the Committee of Experts to offer consultation, ideas, and economic studies to help achieve the ambitious future plans.

The meeting discussed the mechanisms and regulations of the committee, as well as the purpose of its formation, which is to take advantage of the scientific, academic, and technical capabilities of its members in contributing to national economy. In addition to its tasks, which entail providing technical, scientific, and practical ideas on relevant topics, holding workshops and taskforces in line with CSC’s endeavors, and recommending agreements with related government and private agencies and institutions.

The meeting additionally reviewed the development initiatives submitted by CSC’s Initiatives Committee, and discussed a study on the impact of the Fiscal Balance Program 2020 on the private sector institutions. 

Source: CSC