The Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) and G20 Saudi Secretariat organize business delegation to participate in the October 4-5, 2018, B20 Argentina Summit, in Buenos Aires.

The Saudi delegation, led by Dr. Lama Al Sulaiman, will include 14 businesspeople from various sectors. Members of the delegation will participate in specialized groups, tasked to tackle six key axis, including challenges to sustainable and comprehensive future, infrastructure and energy as key tools for development, transparency as a rule to achieve development, multilateral trade system, future of labor and education, and digital transformation as an opportunity for economic growth.

The Saudi delegation’s participation in B20 Argentina reflects the special place Saudi Arabia holds in world economy, and the involvement of its private sector in such international arenas. It is a great opportunity for the Kingdom to foster its role in developing international policies concerning trade and investment.

It is worth noting that the B20 Summit is a vital platform to shed light on the trends of the international business market, its interests, and its demands of the relevant governments to be able to achieve the desired results in accordance with the summit’s recommendations.

The first B20 Summit was launched in 2010 to assist the international business community by including its recommendations to the G20 agenda. In addition to fostering the role of the private sector worldwide and creating a partnership between the public and private sectors under the leadership of G20.

Source: CSC