A roundtable meeting of the Silk Road International Chambers of Commerce, jointly hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and People’s Government of Gansu Province was held in Dunhuang, Gansu Province on September 27.

More than 110 delegates from over 60 chambers of commerce, trade promotion agencies, cultural industry associations, government institutions and diplomatic missions of nearly 20 countries participated in the meeting.

Chairperson of CCPIT Gao Yan noted, chambers of commerce play an essential role in the Belt and Road construction, inter-governmental policy coordination, the establishment of regional coordination mechanism, finalizing key projects, setting up cultural trade and investment promotion platforms and promoting international exchange on cultural industry.

Gao made three proposals in this regard.
“First, we need to set up regional cooperation mechanism. Second, we shall enhance international exchange and cooperation on cultural industry. Third, we will finalize key projects,” said Gao.

Meanwhile, an initiative concerning strengthening economic and trade exchange and cooperation in cultural sector for chambers of commerce of Belt and Road countries was proposed. A set of memorandums of understanding regarding cultural exchange and cooperation were signed by CCPIT Gansu Sub-council, China-Britain Business Council, China Office of Free State of Bavaria of Germany, Gansu Cultural Industry Association and Zhuhai Creative Culture Association, etc.

Source: CCPIT