The key projects with regard to trade and investment promotion of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the country’s largest trade promotion agency, were released in Beijing on April 18.

The key projects are mainly related to the Belt and Road construction, CCPIT’s brand-building in trade and investment promotion services and the World Expos and 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo.

“18 projects with regard to the Belt and Road construction are set to be conducted. These projects include improving bilateral and multilateral business cooperation mechanism, hosting high-level international conferences, establishing overseas representative offices, expanding international commercial and legal services, researches on trade issues, organizing training sessions, hosting brand exhibitions, promoting Chinese services ‘go global’, etc.,” said Feng Yaoxiang, Director-General of CCPIT Department of Trade and Investment Promotion at a CCPIT press conference.

Also released were 6 action plans pertaining to the key projects. In export promotion, CCPIT plans to launch a campaign for Chinese brands to “go overseas” to lift the global competitiveness of China’s foreign trade. In import promotion, a campaign for foreign commodities to access to China will be initiated at the demand of promoting trade balance. In service trade promotion, an action for Chinese service to go global will be launched at the request of the Chinese government to narrow the service trade deficit. In outbound investment promotion, a 20+20 plan for Chinese enterprises to “go global” will be carried out. In foreign investment promotion, the action plan “Invest in China” will be put on agenda, which aims to achieve a steady growth in foreign investment. In serving small and medium-sized enterprises, a plan to lift SMEs’ global competitiveness will be launched. The top priority task for CCPIT in 2018 will be the construction and operation of CCPIT Pilot Free Trade Zone Service Centers.

Feng Yaoxiang added, CCPIT will endeavor to improve the levels of exhibitions in 2018, and give full play to all varieties of exhibitions, World Expos and 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo as information exchange and trade promotion platforms. CCPIT will also organize more brand exhibitions overseas and invite more well-reputed enterprises to participate in these overseas exhibitions.

Meanwhile, a collection of CCPIT’s key projects in trade and investment promotion in 2018 has been complied and released on CCPIT’s official website. The collection has incorporated a total of 684 key projects.

Source: CCPIT