In a press briefing on April 19, CCPIT released its Export Promotion Roadmap 2017, hereinafter referred to as the Roadmap 2017 in Beijing. CCPIT spokesman Feng Yaoxiang presided over the briefing. Lin Shunjie, Director-General of CCPIT Department of Trade and Investment Promotion made an introduction of the Roadmap. Tong Youjun, Chairman of SINOIMEX, the compiler of the Roadmap 2017 elaborated on the functions of the trade data.

Lin Shunjie said, compared to last year’s roadmap, the new edition has been improved in three aspects. First, data regarding the export opportunities of the selected countries is more readable. With abundant diagrams and graphs, the Roadmap 2017 vividly displays the basic economic data, imports, import growth and structure of the export destinations. Second, the number of export promotion projects has increased and their quality improved. Following the suggestion of trade promotion agencies and outbound trade companies, the Roadmap 2017 provides more pragmatic, effective and high-quality export promotion projects, the number of which totals three times compared to last year. Third, the online edition of the Roadmap 2017 has been optimized in vision, information search and operation system. The original edition has been overall upgraded and improved with value-added services. Questionnaire is offered for data search and collection.

By integrating resources of trade promotion systems nationwide, the Roadmap 2017 shows economic and trade conditions and export opportunities in 50 countries and regions and lists some 306 export promotion projects across the globe. Those projects include 25 scattered around North America, 9 in South America, 36 in Europe, 67 in Asia (excluding China), 9 in Africa, 4 in Oceania, 94 in cross-border regions and 62 in China. Online roadmap includes 349 projects, including those out of the 50 ones for key markets. The projects are classified in eight categories, which include exhibition, trade group visit, forum, seminar, business match-making meeting, commercial and trade platform, service platform and training. The projects involve a total of 79 industries, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, manufacturing, textiles, the Internet, service trade, energy, environmental protection and commercial law.

Meanwhile, based on 5 million basic data, the Roadmap 2017 provides data on the imports of 50 countries with diagrams and graphs. It offers useful suggestions for outbound trade enterprises and policy makers by in-depth analysis on the economic development, geopolitics, trade complementarity and trade competitors of China and export destinations.

Source: CCPIT