Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Jiang Zengwei met with President of US-China Business Council (USCBC) Craig Allen and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Evan Greenberg in Beijing on August 17. Both sides held further discussion about Sino-U.S. economic and trade relations and how to foster cooperation between the two agencies.

Jiang Zengwei conveyed his welcome for Allen and Greenberg’s visit to China and congratulated for Allen’s new position. Jiang said, China and the United States are world’s top two economies and the Sino-U.S. relations are one of the world’s most important bilateral relations. Currently, the two countries shall manage, and ease disputes and sensitive issues based on mutual respect.

“We hope USCBC and member companies can lobby the U.S. government to promote Sino-U.S. economic and trade cooperation. CCPIT attaches importance to the visit of USCBC board of directors’ delegation to China in October. Both agencies will jointly host high-end economic and trade events to promote practical cooperation between Chinese and U.S. business community,” added Jiang.

Greenberg said, as the USCBC Chairman, he is willing to contribute to promoting the healthy and stable development of U.S.-China economic and trade ties. USCBC is willing to cooperate with CCPIT to lead the business communities of both countries to settle trade disputes.

Allen conveyed his gratitude for CCPIT’ long-term supports for USCBC. He said, the cooperation between the two agencies has achieved progress. He hoped the USCBC delegation’s visit to China in October can made a success, serving as a good example for the current practical cooperation for Chinese and U.S. business community.

Source: CCPIT