In a press conference on February 28, CCPIT briefed the media about the major trade events and trade and investment promotion projects in 2017. Feng Yaoxiang, director-general of CCPIT Development and Research Department, who is also CCPIT spokesman chaired the conference. Lin Shunjie, director-general of Trade and Investment Promotion Department, attended the conference and answered questions from media.

Lin said, in 2017, CCPIT, with the guidance of the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and Belt and Road Initiative, constantly expand trade and investment business, build more efficient economic and trade platforms, innovate services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to open up new dimensions in trade and investment promotion.

First, under the theme of “Chinese Enterprises on Silk Roads”, CCPIT will organize 4 to 6 trade and investment promotion groups to visit 12 to15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, West Asia, North Asia etc.

Second, CCPIT will further enhance export trade promotion and expand import promotion by improving the Export Promotion Roadmap, by building a stable and efficient import platform with foreign associations and by exploring cross-border e-commerce pattern, etc.

Third, CCPIT will actively promote two-way investment. In terms of outbound investment promotion, CCPIT will focus on the promotion of key industrial parks such as China-Belarus Industrial Park, Egypt’s Suez Park Phase II and Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone, as well as PIGA Program in cooperation with the International Trade Center. With regards to introducing foreign direct investment, in addition to regular assessment on investment environment, CCPIT will, with the pilots of Tangshan of Hebei, Xining of Qinghai, Yinchuan of Ningxia, rely on its multilateral mechanisms and focus on Sino-Arab Industrial Park and Sino-LAC Industrial Park investment promotion to further promote the construction of domestic industrial parks.

Fourth, CCPIT will make full use of its function as a trade and investment promoter to hold exhibitions such as China-Northeast Asia Expo, China-Arab Business Summit & the Seventh Entrepreneurs Conference of China-Arab Cooperation Forum, Lancang-Mekong River National Economic and Technical Exhibition and China-Africa Industry Capacity Cooperation Exhibition. CCPIT will make the economic and trade events more effective, build available platforms for enterprises in going global through the modes of “exhibition with forum, forum with negotiation”.

Lin also briefed the media on Sino-US trade prospects, changes in Northeast Asia situation, China-Africa cooperation plan and highlights of Lancang-Mekong River Cooperation Exhibition.

Source: CCPIT