In his first words as president of the UIA, Miguel Acevedo thanked his colleagues for the support received and pledged to honour the position with which he was entrusted, “I am aware of the important commitment that I assume by accepting the presidency of the Industrial Union Argentina: that of maintaining and perfecting this Union; to defend our industry; and that of being part of the construction of a developed and inclusive Argentina.”

In addition, Acevedo referred to the challenges facing the country, “Argentina faces the challenge of recreating the virtuous dynamics of investment, employment and value addition. This is true for the business community in general, but especially for the industry because of its federal nature and its contributions to the community.”

In his farewell message, Adrián Kaufmann Brea stressed the importance of the consensus reached with the election, “This transition, which we build among all, is part of the institutional continuity that the UIA has witnessed for 130 years. An asset that hierarchizes the federal and sectorial representation of this house.”

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Source: UIA