The council of FKI chairman and vice chairman recommended Chang Soo Huh, the current chairman of FKI, serve as the 36th chairman of the federation at the 56th general meeting held at the FKI Tower Conference Center on February 24. Up until the meeting, senior members of the business community, including the council members and honorary chairmen of FKI, had held a series of meetings to find a new man at the helm of the federation, sharing the view that Chairman Huh would be the right person to steer the organization in times of trouble.

In his inaugural address, Chairman Huh said, “Once again, we at FKI truly apologize for causing grave concerns to the people and promise to completely reinvent the federation in the days to come.”

To do so, we will be doing the utmost to entirely sever the collusive ties between politicians and businesses, enhance transparency of the federation’s activities and build up its functions as a think-tank.”

“FKI will squarely confront any unreasonable external pressure and work on a system to prevent recurrence of government-business collusion,” he stressed, noting, “For better transparency, all the activities and accounting of FKI will be disclosed in detail.” “We will also come up with a variety of ideas for national economic development by enhancing functions as a think-tank,” the chairman asserted.

Meanwhile, Kwon Tae Shin Kwon, President of the Korea Economic Research Institute(KERI), a research arm of FKI, was appointed the federation’s vice chairman.

Source: FKI

Image: FKI