Business Unity SA (Busa) has appointed its representative in the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac), Tanya Cohen, as its new CEO for a three-term year.

BUSA said Cohen brought a wealth of expertise in the policy arena and a track record of hard work on behalf of organised business.

“As the most broadly representative voice of South African business organisations, BUSA has a pivotal role in ensuring the necessary conditions for inclusive growth by developing consensus around the foundation for employment, poverty alleviation and inequality,” Jabu Mabuza, President BUSA,  said.

Cohen’s responsibilities will include helping Busa support and facilitate transformation, which was inherently about inclusive growth.

Busa said its board believed Cohen’s background, skills and experience would help the organisation and its members play an active and constructive role in creating an inclusive, transforming and growing economy.

Source: Business Day