ISO week in Germany – Invitation

Ladies and Gentlemen

The ISO Week 2017 will take place in Germany. On behalf of DIN, the German member for ISO, it is my great pleasure to invite you to Berlin next year. DIN is enthusiastic about hosting the ISO General Assembly 2017. It is going to be a new experience for us, because it will be the first General Assembly in ISO’s history to be held in Germany. Together with our colleagues from the ISO Central Secretariat, we shall make every effort to organize a great event.

The quality and magnitude of arrangements put on by our Chinese counterparts in Beijing, will be hard to beat and expectations will be running extremely high. One thing that has become clear is that if we want to create an event that is as impressive as this year’s General Assembly, we will have to innovate, since it will be impossible to surpass our Chinese friends in size.

Germany is actively engaged in global trade and dependent on export. International standardization is therefore essential to the economy of our country. In accordance with DIN’s strategic objectives, international standardization must take precedence over regional and national standardization.

Government and industry both need internationally agreed standards in order to function. The international standards of ISO and IEC support world trade, consumer protection, safety at work, environmental conservation and the global transfer of technology. International Standards will help increase prosperity by continuing to support the free exchange of goods in the world market.

But the path to standardization is fraught with new challenges. The world around us is changing at an unprecedented pace. New technologies and innovations call for new ideas and more flexible standardization processes. As the integration of technology grows, the boundaries between traditional industry sectors, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, microelectronics and information technology, are increasingly blurring. Hence we also need to overcome the organizational boundaries between standardization bodies and technical committees, irrespective of the level to which they belong, in order to reach joint decisions on planning and strengthen partnerships. That is why I am glad to see collaboration with IEC and ITU moving forward.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Berlin, Germany’s capital city is in the centre of Europe. It is a dynamic, vibrant place with a rich variety of natural, historical and cultural resources that cater to every taste. Everywhere, new buildings are going up, many of great architectural interest. So if you have been here before, you will see many changes; but if you come for the first time, you will discover a city at the pinnacle of progress.

Berlin is also the home of innovation and new ideas and has the biggest startup community in Germany – industry has a long history here. In 2017, DIN will celebrate its centenary. A hundred years! This is an excellent opportunity to invite all members of the ISO family to come to Berlin and celebrate with us.

I am glad to have met so many friends and colleagues from the ISO community in Beijing and I look forward to seeing you all again soon at the ISO Week in Berlin from 18 to 22 September 2017.

Source: CVENT

Image: Fotosearch