The World Economic Forum will host the 2017 India Economic Summit in Delhi from 4 to 6 October

Under the theme “Creating Indian Narratives on Global Challenges”, the Forum and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is hosting over 600 participants from public and private sector as well as civil society.

The World Economic Forum with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will host this year’s India Economic Summit in Delhi from 4 to 6 October. Under the theme Creating Indian Narratives on Global Challenges, the summit will welcome over 600 participants from business, politics, academia, civil society, international organizations, arts and culture, media and members of the Forum’s communities, including Social Entrepreneurs, Global Shapers and Young Global Leaders.

“India’s growth has been instrumental in ensuring that South Asia is the fastest-growing region in the world. However, challenges ranging from agriculture to manufacturing, including issues of inclusion and gender parity, still need to be overcome,” said Philipp Rösler, Head of Regional and Government Engagement of the World Economic Forum. “For more than three decades, we have been in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). We look forward to this year’s India Economic Summit to address the issues mentioned above.”

The summit will address key issues of national and regional significance under five thematic pillars:

– Leaving No One Behind: Education and Healthcare for All – How can the Indian education system prepare citizens for life-long learning? What innovative and scalable solutions can help provide affordable healthcare?

– Oiling India’s Growth Engines: Agriculture and Manufacturing – How can India ensure food and nutrition security for 1.25 billion citizens? What will enable India to become an innovation-driven manufacturing hub?

– Fixing India’s Nuts and Bolts: Infrastructure and Energy – How can India build integrated solutions that encompass energy production, transmission and storage innovations? What public-private partnership models can help India meet vast infrastructure needs and address the financing deficit?

– Leveraging Technology and Innovation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Entrepreneurship and Digital – How can policy-makers and regulators support technological development without stifling innovation? What will make India’s economy truly digital?

– Unleashing India’s Untapped Potential: Jobs and Skills – How can the public and private sectors collaborate for sustainable job creation in India?  What solutions can make India’s growing youth population employable?

Source: WEF

Image: 123RF