This conference aims to raise awareness among decision makers and the procurement community about the benefits of strategic procurement, with an emphasis on sustainability, social responsibility and innovation. It will feature speakers recognized for their expertise and leadership in the field.

The European Commission has invited people at the forefront of thinking, leading and practicing in strategic public procurement. The panelists represent the most advanced EU countries, promising initiatives across the whole of the EU, and OECD countries.

The topics and speakers will enable a constructive dialogue on rolling out strategic public procurement, including the challenges this presents for established views.


  • Opening speeches – Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD ; Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Commissioner for Internal Market Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Policy challenges

  • Session I – Political ownership for Strategic Public Procurement
  • Session II – Policies for Strategic Public Procurement

Key implementation challenges

  • Session III – Getting the market on board: market consultations
  • Session IV – Designing the right award criteria for promoting SPP


Public procurement is a powerful tool that can contribute to societal changes. Its impact can be significant as it amounts to 14% of EU GDP. There is room for improvement in using public procurement in a strategic way. Some simple steps, linked to how public procurement works and the definition of priority areas, can make a significant contribution to economic growth and job creation, helping to improve people’s lives.

Source: European Commission

Image: Fotosearch