On Wednesday, May 17,the U.S. Chamber will host the Fifth Annual Global Supply Chain Summit. At this year’s summit, speakers will discuss current opportunities and obstacles impacting global supply chains. A new administration provides a unique opportunity to address old problems and new ones with a fresh perspective. As policymakers consider trade reforms, they must remember that global supply chains are essential to U.S. competitiveness and our ability to deliver the greatest products in the world. New innovation is making supply chains faster and more fluid than ever before, and we need regulations that foster these improvements rather than hold them back.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to ensuring the needs of businesses are heard in policymaking discussions. At the Fifth Annual Global Supply Chain Summit you will hear from leading voices in the public and private sectors. The event also provides an ideal environment for networking and gaining new contacts. Agenda details will be available soon.

Source: USCC

Image: Fotosearch