During China’s 2016 G20 Science, Technology and Innovation Ministers Meeting, G20 Business Forum on Innovation was co-held by CCPIT, CCOIC and Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing on November 3.

As an important supporting activity of the Ministers Meeting, the forum, themed with “Innovation in Science and Technology: Power of the Business Circle”, invited more than 200 entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from G20 members and guest countries. They had in-depth discussions on technology innovation, new industrial revolution, digital economy and other innovative issues.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang, Chairman of B20 in 2016 and Chairman of CCPIT Jiang Zengwei, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina Lino Baraňao and Vice Minister of Economic Development of Italy attended and addressed the forum.

Wang praised the important position of the business sector in the innovation and growth, and encouraged it to give full play to the main role of enterprises in technological innovation and technological transformation. The government needs to further create a favorable environment for globalization and open innovation for the business circle.

Jiang called on the government and business circle to join hands to implement the relevant contents of the 2016 B20 Policy Paper and G20 SMART. As chairman of the 2016 B20, Jiang, on behalf of the business circle, made a three-point proposal for the Ministers Meeting: hold regularly G20 Business Forum on Innovation and establish political and business communication channels; implement youth innovation and entrepreneurship partnership program as soon as possible, and foster the innovation ability of youth; promote the establishment of G20 SMART Fund, and foster the development of innovation industry.

The 11th G20 Leaders Summit held in Hangzhou this year has achieved fruitful results. For the first time, the Summit listed “Innovate Growth Mode” as one of the key issues of the G20, and formulated the G20 Innovation Growth Blueprint and the G20 Innovation Action Plan. The Ministers Meeting is an important event following the G20 Summit and reflects the responsibility of the Chinese business circle.

Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology Wang Chunfa, chairman of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. Xu Jinghong, former secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and other business leaders, experts from home and abroad attended the forum and made speeches.

The guests believed that innovative growth is a new way to stimulate the global economic recovery. The business sector hoped to achieve industrial upgrading through technology and promote sustainable development of global economy.

Source: CCPIT