For 2017, Italy presides over G7, while CONFINDUSTRIA is in charge of the B7 – the business side of the process

The members of the G7 include, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, United States and the European Union.

The B7 is the business side of the G7 process, representing the business world of the G7 countries.

The B7 is chaired annually by the country leading the G7 and for 2017 Italy presides over G7, while the Confederation of Italian Industries – CONFINDUSTRIA is in charge for the B7.

For the – Program of the Rome B7 Summit – click here

The objective of the B7 is contributing to the G7 agenda, providing the point of view of business on major economic issues, addressing recommendations and proposals.

To such purpose, the B7 organizes various initiatives and events gathering together all the relevant parts of civil society, business, opinion leaders providing a ground for a high-level debate on international issues to be turned into actions.

Like the G7, the B7 is a permanent process with working activities and events during the throughout the whole year.

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Sources: B7 Italy, KEIDANREN and BDI