The health care sector is one of the largest business sectors in the G20. Its research intensity and power to innovate, its large share in employment, and its outward-orientation make the sector an important driver of economic growth.

At the same time, the global healthcare sector has never faced more challenges. Demographic change, an aging population and increasing life expectancies, together with increasing demand for healthcare products and services, place a growing burden on the health care system of many countries, stretching public and private funding systems. The increase of numerous chronic diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases) and the high prevalence of debilitating communicable diseases, including emerging and re-emerging diseases, as well as medical intolerances also put enormous pressure on the sector.

Due to the profound impact of global health issues on societies throughout the world, the German G20 has placed health high on its agenda. It will pay particular attention to (among others): Antibiotic resistance, neglected tropical diseases, access to health, and epidemic preparedness.

Global business is indispensable in ensuring that health systems contribute to sustainable, inclusive and future-oriented economic growth and development. In order to accompany the G20 process, the B20 has launched the B20 Health Initiative.

You are cordially invited to become an active member of the B20 Germany Health Working Group.

Within this working group we will develop joint proposals which we will feed into the G20 health track. As soon as we have set up the group, the B20 Secretariat will circulate a first draft of the Communiqué for consultation. The Communiqué will be handed over officially to a senior representative of the G20 Health Ministers.

We would like to discuss the following topics in our B20 Health Initiative with you:

  1. Antimicrobial Resistance
  2. Pandemic Preparedness
  3. Digital Health
  4.  Innovation in Healthcare
  5. Neglected Tropical Diseases
  6. Global Health: Improved Access to Medical Care

We cordially invite you to save the following date in your calendar: May 18 2017 (Venue Berlin) for the B20 International Health Conference.

The deadline for applications is March 1st, 2017.

We would welcome your registration to participate in the B20 Health Initiative. To register – click here

To access a PDF version of this invitation – click here

Source: B20 Germany

 Image: Fotosearch