B20 Germany and B20 Argentina jointly hosted a workshop, entitled “B20 Germany meets B20 Argentina” in order to facilitate the transition of the presidency from Germany to Argentina. The B20 Germany team was joined in Berlin by the two the B20 Argentina Sherpas: Carolina Castro, B20 Argentina Executive Sherpa, and Fernando Landa, B20 Argentina Policy Sherpa. They held sessions on all of thetaskforces, cross-thematic groups, and initiatives, and the members of all Coordination Groups were invited to participate. Over the two day workshop there were more than 70 participants who joined the workshop either in person in Berlin or called in remotely to share their perspectives on the B20 process over the past year, as well as their advice and hopes for the Argentinian presidency going forward.

The past year has shown how important global governance and the voice of the B20 is, as world politics have become increasingly uncertain. Global governance needs global business. The global economy is facing major technological changes and the business community can provide invaluable input to the G20. The B20 process spans the entire scope of the G20: from the need to maintain an open, rule-based trading system, to facilitating sustainable finance and increased efforts to widen the inclusiveness and resilience of the labor market in the face of technological change. The B20 recommendations are not limited to how to generate economic growth. The overall aim of the B20 is to lead the global economy towards a sustainable and future-oriented path.

Source: B20 Germany