Coalition from business, civil society, trade unions, labour, women, youth, and foundations calls for a clear signal from G20 on climate protection and international cooperation.

On the decision of the US administration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and the upcoming G20 Summit at the beginning of July in Hamburg, the G20 Engagement Partners call for a clear signal of the remaining 19 members of the G20 on climate protection and international cooperation.

In the joint statement, the G20 Engagement Partners emphasize the importance of a global political framework and common objectives, as set out in the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the only way to address the challenges posed by the transformation of the global economic and energy system. And this is the only way to create new opportunities and jobs through innovation.

After the clear signal of the other six members of the G7 at the G7 Summit in Italy at the end of May, the United States isolates itself politically more and more on climate issues. It is now up to the 19 other members of the G20 to renew their commitment to climate protection and international cooperation at the G20 Summit in Hamburg at the beginning of July. This should reaffirm the implementation of the Paris Rulebook and seek a solution in the area of climate finance and global mechanisms of carbon pricing. It should also include a timetable for the phase out of inefficient carbon subsidies, the continuation and extension of the work of the G20 study group on green finance, and climate-related financial reporting.

The G20 Engagement Partners welcome the latest signs on the US state and municipal level, from business, universities, trade unions, and a majority of the American population to implement the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement regionally or locally despite the decision of the US administration.

The G20 Engagement Partners Business 20, Civil 20, Labor 20, Think 20, Women 20 and Youth 20 play an important role in the G20 process. Mandated by the German Federal Government, the presidency of this year’s G20, they advise the G20 on a wide range of topics. While there have also been bilateral declarations of individual engagement partners in previous G20 presidencies, the cooperation of the engagement partners under the German G20 presidency is particularly strong.

Dr. Kurt Bock, Chair of the B20 Taskforce on Energy, Climate and Resource Efficiency and CEO of BASF, was a signatory to the Statement.

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Source: B20 Germany

Image: Fotosearch