The Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability Task Force Meeting was held in Bariloche on June 14th.

The event took place in the framework of G20’s Meeting of Energy Ministers and the Latin American Energy Forum 2018. The session was chaired by Miguel Gutierrez (ERES Chair & YPF CEO), alongside Hugo Eurnekian (ERES Co-Chair & President of CGE, Corporación América), Marcelo Mindlin (ERES Co-Chair & Pampa Energía President) Teófilo Lacroze (ERES Co-Chair & Shell President), Marcos Bulgheroni (ERES Co-Chair & Pan American Energy Group CEO), Yunzhou Zhang (State Grid Energy Research Institute President) on behalf of Shu Yinbiao (ERES Co-Chair & State Grid Corporation of China President & CEO), Andres Monroy (Vice President BASF South America) on behalf of Kurt Bock (ERES Co-Chair & Chairman of the Board at BASF) and Carlos Gasco (Regulation Head of Division at Iberdrola) on behalf of Ignacio Galán (ERES Co-Chair & CEO at Iberdrola).

“Argentina, as an emerging country, is in a unique position to submit recommendations to G20. Its richness in human and natural resources allows our country to move towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy matrix, with gas as a transitional energy source” stated Miguel Gutiérrez.

The task force members continued their work on policy recommendations. Topics discussed included job creation and infrastructure development, energy efficiency, circular economy models and adaptation to climate change.

Argentine Minister of Energy Juan José Aranguren, in Bariloche for the G20 Meeting of Energy Ministers, participated in the meeting: “We have reached this point after several fruitful exchanges between the B20 and the G20. We are trying to achieve consensus to deliver the final Energy Declaration tomorrow. We are pleased to announce that several B20 recommendations have been undertaken in previous G20 drafts. The G20 as well as the B20 are both focusing on promoting transitions towards a low carbon future to achieve economic growth”.

Tim Gould, Head of Division of International Energy Agency (IEA), was present at the meeting and focused on global energy & sustainability trends: “The Sustainable Development Scenario provides an integrated strategy to achieve climate goals, while also tackling air pollution and achieving universal energy access”.

The task force will meet again at the ERES Task Force Teleconference Meeting in Buenos Aires on July 31st.

Source: B20 Argentina