B20 Policy Sherpa Fernando Landa and Elena Morettini (B20 ERES Coordination Group Member and Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability Officer at YPF) participated in the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue Workshop in Puerto Iguazú, Province of Misiones.

The meeting included Rabbi Sergio Bergman (Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Argentina), Jochen Blasbarth (State Secretary, Federal Ministry for the Enviroment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety, Germany), Naomi Tokashiki (State Minister of the Enviroment, Japan), Carlos Gentile (CSWG Chair and Secretary for Climate Change and Sustainable Development), Ligia Noronha (Director, UN Environment Economy Division), Izabella Teixeira (Co-chair, International Resource Panel), Pascal Martinez (Senior Climate Change Specialist, Global Enviroment Facility), Gary Litman (Vice President for Global Initiatives, US Chamber of Commerce) and Flora Otero (Sustainability Manager, Argentina Steel Chamber), among others.

“In order to ensure a regulatory environment that would enhance the capacity to adopt a more sustainable utilization of resources and circular economy models, governments need to look into infrastructure and knowledge/skills barriers and into industry specific solutions that address potential barriers that might impede utilization of waste and secondary products as well as consider providing adequate incentives,” said Fernando Landa.

Topics discussed included accelerating transitions towards a low carbon future, increasing coverage and impact of energy efficiency policies, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, the promotion of resource efficiency and circular economies, climate change adaptation integrating resiliency strategies into public and private investments plans.

“We, as B20, presented our resource efficiency specific recommendations. The debate on circular economy is intense, new to some and the metrics are not easy. But the mindset is ready to abandon the “take, make, dispose” paradigm and we all are!,” said Elena Morettini.

Source: B20 Argentina