The B20 held a business meeting with key members of the local and international business sector at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange

Within the framework of the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11), the B20 hosted a private meeting with key members of the local and international business sector at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. The meeting’s speakers were Daniel Funes de Rioja, President of B20, President of Copal and Vice President of UIA; Adelmo J. Gabbi, B20 Co-Chair and President of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange; Carolina Castro, B20 Executive Sherpa; and Fernando Landa, B20 Sherpa Policy.

The gathering had also the participation of Daniel Pelegrina, B20 Co-Chair and President of President of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA); Jorge Pablo Brito, B20 Co-Chair and President of the Private Bank Association of Argentine Capital (Adeba) and Stormy-Annika Mildner, B20 Germany Sherpa.

The meeting’s aim was to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the B20 process as well as opening a productive dialogue on the expectations for the new cycle, with a special consideration of the implications of the MC11.In this regard, the German B20 and the Argentine B20Teams presented a joint document that addresses the positions of the business sector regarding the WTO process, showing the synergy and continuity achieved in B20 community. In his welcoming regards, Adelmo Gabbi pointed out that support from the business community is a central element for this process in order to promote growth and development for the country. Furthermore, he stressed that a sucessful B20 is an opportunity to position Argentina in the international arena.

The B20 Executive Sherpa, Carolina Castro, stressed that it is essential that the business sector becomes actively involved in participating in the B20 to achieve a comprehensive view of current issues. She stressed that the application process is open until December 15th and invited those present to join this challenge and be a part of this process. In discussing the challenges and possibilities of the B20 process that the Argentine presidency faces during 2018, Dr. Funes de Rioja said that while the world is at a complex moment “the Argentine presidency in international institutions such as the WTO or the G20 represent an opportunity for the country to once again play a leading role in a multilateral and globalized world”. In this regard, he stressed that the issues that the B20 will address “are crucial for the future of Argentina” and that is why the involvement of the business sector is essential for an intelligent insertion into the world. Fernando Landa supported this vision, arguing that in a world where 3.5 million people cannot get a job every year, there is a huge transformation challenge that implies innovating the way of approaching these problems. In this regard, he emphasized that the business community must have a vision that considers the general outlook, understanding that each work task force represents a part of a larger network, which ultimately must generate economic growth. For the closing remarks, Matías García Oliver, Undersecretary of Institutional Affairs of the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs, Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, Presidency of the Argentine Nation, joined the meeting.

Source: B20 Argentina