The Global Business Coalition (GBC) completes five years since creation and reinforces its capacities in crucial times to keep playing a leading role in fostering international cooperation between national business communities.

For 5 years, GBC has been engaging with governments and international institutions.

Following, two years of initiatives in 2012-2013, to address some of the most pressing economic challenges derived from the 2008 economic crisis, the Global Business Coalition – formerly called the B20 Coalition – focused its actions in 2014, on four priorities, Trade, Infrastructure & Investment, Energy and Fiscal Responsibility.

In 2015, as a result of the consultations undertaken with the global business community; the GBC leaders decided at their annual Plenary Meeting, held in Istanbul, to concentrate the Coalition’s resources on the major policy developments related to the Digital Economy.

Then, in 2016, on the occasion of its annual Plenary Meeting, held in Paris, the Coalition announced concentrating its efforts on resource efficiency, as a new priority, and to commit to supporting G7 & G20 leaders in developing an international policy framework on resource efficiency that benefits from the experience and initiatives of business.


In a complex, uncertain and fast evolving world, it is key that the business communities work together, share intelligence and foster mutual understanding, to provide governments with comprehensive and pragmatic positions in a common voice. Through well-established networks, each business association that is a GBC member, represents the views of enterprises in its respective market and leads critical dialogues with governments in order to promote policies that foster sustainable and inclusive growth, job creation and competitiveness.

GBC brings together leading independent business associations from the major world economies and advocates on behalf of more than 6.8 million small, medium and large companies. With a unique understanding of the trends, challenges and aspirations that are at stake across each of its members’ market, GBC is committed to deepening its mandate to build consensus and develop common positions on issues critical for enterprises worldwide.