Emmanuel Macron addressing the chairs of the member associations of the Global Business Coalition on the occasion of the last GBC Plenary meeting


Pierre Gattaz, President of Medef, reacts to Emmanuel Macron’s election as the new French President

On behalf of all French entrepreneurs, I extend my warmest congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on being elected President of France.

The challenge he now faces is enormous.

The election campaign that just ended revealed social, territorial and identity-related tensions.

It was also marked by lies and economic fallacies presented by all sides. Job creation depends on companies and I hope these companies will finally have their voice heard.

An entrepreneur myself, I own 5 factories in France, all located in mid-sized towns. And I know that it is not easy to maintain industrial, service, construction and retail companies in all our territories, even if this is synonymous with economic activity, employment and public services.

The struggle to revitalise our territories is extremely important to me, because it impacts on the daily lives of all French people.

I know this is a difficult challenge, but I remain optimistic. Every day, I meet entrepreneurs, some young and some not so young, who are full of energy, ideas and motivation, whether in our overseas territories, major cities, local neighbourhoods or rural areas.

It is possible to win this struggle for industrial redevelopment, but entrepreneurs cannot do it alone.

Mr President, we expect the next government to carry out the reforms that will allow all French people to win, entrepreneurs to develop their businesses from within France and foreign investors to come here and invest with confidence.

This means releasing the power to create wealth and employment, by simplifying labour laws, lowering charges and overhauling the tax system.
This also means improving everyone’s skills and qualifications:
– through lifelong learning opportunities,
– and a genuine reform of our education system.

Mr President, your election should signal a new beginning for our country.

The measures you will adopt over the weeks ahead, together with the confidence of business leaders you will need to cultivate, will be decisive in restoring an employment-creating dynamic.

Throughout this new period, Medef will assume all its responsibilities.

It will prove a steadfast and rigorous partner. It will be neither opponent, nor supporter.

Medef will articulate its proposals clearly and will remain committed to improving the situation of our country.

Let’s be ambitious for France!

Long live private enterprise, long live Europe and long live France!

Source: MEDEF


BusinessEurope: President Marcegaglia warmly congratulates Emmanuel Macron: “Strong victory for a convinced European”

The French people have voted for a better Europe and against isolation. This strong and clear vote in one of the EU’s largest founding countries opens the door to moving the European project forward. We are sure that France will strengthen its role in creating a strong and competitive Europe.

The European business community has an ambitious goal for Europe and stands ready to support the necessary steps forward.

Source: BusinessEurope


BDI: The electoral victory of Emmanuel Macron gives Europe courage

BDI President, Dieter Kempf expressed his comments on the outcome of the French presidential election, saying that the German-French engine was decisive for the future of Europe.

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CCC: Look forward to working with the new government

While congratulating Mr Macron on his win, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, emphasized that they look forward to working with the government of France in implementing CETA and increasing trade ties.


TUSIAD: Congratulations to President-elect Emmanuel Macron in France

A new window of opportunity opens for democracy, economic dynamism and social progress in Europe.

In the rapid transition to digital age, not only the EU citizens but all the world needs a stronger Europe widening its sphere of democracy, economy and security.

The Turkish Industry & Business Association


MEDEF: Interview of President Pierre Gattaz on Bloomberg

Pierre Gattaz discusses the election and the need for Macron to move quickly on labor reforms in the nation.

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Image: GBC