The mission of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Resource Efficiency & Sustainability Task Force is to support resource efficiency in public and private sectors by advancing economic growth and encouraging investment in innovation in major economies.

Pressure is rising on business to demonstrate sustainable and efficient use of natural resources but is often left out of the discussion. It’s imperative that business has a constant voice in addressing policy-makers on ways to incentivize and reward efficient management of all the finite resources along global supply chains. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is building a group of international companies to establish business approaches to sustainable resource management in major markets. The Chamber has already established a dialogue with the G7, and we will use it to drive a pro-business understanding of resource challenges.

We will advocate for preemptive systemic policies that enable investment and innovation in better management of finite resources.

Companies are facing a growing pressure to prove their growth does not squander natural resources. Global regulators are making decisions on the use of finite resources now. By taking part in this task force, you are given the competitive advantage of shaping policies that will inherently affect your business development and growth potential. Business must have a resilient voice to persuade policy-makers that it can deliver growth without imposing extreme environmental costs. Furthermore, delivering these solutions in a market economy is a major business opportunity on its own.

Program Goals:
• Influence discussions among environmental economic regulators
• Send delegations of business leaders to international forums to highlight key concerns and vantage points
• Shape international policy regarding finite resources


Policy Engagement:
Use business leaders to engage inter-governmental organizations
– Promote changes that incentivize resource efficiency
– Advocate science-based methods of measuring the benefits of resource efficiency
– Educate U.S. policy-makers on U.S. business interests for global resource efficiency forums

Position Papers:
– Develop region and country-specific recommendations on enabling economic growth while reducing environmental costs.
– Promote positions for manufacturing, logistics, urban and agricultural development, and finance.
– Promote resource efficiency considerations in the design stage of publicly and privately financed projects.

Public Outreach:
– Deliver a communications strategy utilizing the thought-leadership of our members and partners.
– Build multi-sector international coalitions in support of the environment and natural resources.

Get Involved:
For more information on joining the task force or the initiative, contact:

Gary V. Litman
Vice President, Global Initiatives

Katie Holzman
Associate Manager, International Development

Source: USCC

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