It is very positive that our country is the seat of the G20, the group that brings together the 20 most industrialized countries in the world. For business entities such as the Union Industrial Argentina, the affinity group of Business 20 (B20) – whose summit has taken place on October 4th and 5th in Buenos Aires – has been an opportunity to discuss the role of Argentina in the global context.

The international work of UIA in this forum goes back to its origin in Seoul, during 2010, when Daniel Funes de Rioja – vice president UIA – as Chair, oversaw the coordination with all the sectors represented in the G6. B20 organization brought together more than 1000 companies and business federations around the world, employing more than 35 million people. The eight working groups in which the tasks were organized laid the groundwork for the documents that was delivered to the G20 presidents.

The G20 summit is of vital importance to strengthen the international economic system, and to build the foundations of global economic relations. Argentine national private sector can make contributions to the generation of an intelligent integration with the world markets.

Beyond these objectives, the recent dynamics of international trade show how each country moves in the fine balance between preserving its domestic market and maximizing its exports. In this context, Argentina needs to integrate into global value chains, which is why it is necessary to dispense reputational issues or naiveties. That is the key to strengthen our productive sectors, within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, generating increasingly sophisticated goods and employment with higher qualifications.

The trade dispute between China and the United States shows how the map of global relations is being dynamically reconfigured. These instances need to be constituted as opportunities for Argentina to improve its commercial profile by diversifying its productive structure, which requires more and better productive policies. The experience of the most developed countries of the world shows that this is only possible with solid institutions and predictable State policies sustained over time.

In a world with dynamic logics and links, thinking about our international insertion in an intelligent way is an urgent duty, and to that task we commit ourselves as national businessmen.

Source: UIA
Image: B20 Argentina