We are going through a period in which climate change,  with  its  growing  repercussions  for multiple  issue  areas,  has  become  one  of  the most critical agenda items in the world.  

In this respect, we, as TUSIAD, espouse, as one of our strategic priorities, the Paris Agreement that  represents  a  key  consensus  on  climate change mitigation.

Awareness for the risks associated with climate change  has  reached  a  considerable  level  not only among governments but also among the business world. In today’s world, there exists the need to resolutely put into perspective an economic  transition  that  centres  around climate change mitigation.

Circular  economy offers  feasible  and  scalable opportunities  for  abandoning  unsustainable resource consumption patterns of today. Given the climate zone our country is located in, it is imperative  to  focus  on  policies  that  seek  to enhance low-carbon development and climate change  resilience.  In  this  framework,  all stakeholders should work on adjustments that would  unravel  the  potential  to  integrate  the ecosystems and business models of public and private  sectors  into  an  energy  efficient,  low-carbon economy.

With  this  understanding,  we,  as  TUSIAD, unwaveringly  support  the  process  through which  Turkey  steadfastly  develops  national policies  on  climate  change  mitigation  and effectively  pursues  their  implementation.  

In this  process,  we  believe  it  is  of  utmost importance that initiatives regarding Turkey’s status under the Paris Agreement be resolutely continued  with  the  contribution  of  all stakeholders.

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Source: TUSIAD

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