On behalf of its President, its members and its Secretariat General, the Global Business Coalition wishes you a happy, healthy and fruitful year, in the spirit of GBC’s values

* Building trustworthy relations: GBC enables its members to become part of a network that triggers the development of one-to-one relations. It enables synergies and cooperation among major business organizations that commit to the free market economy, fair trade & investment, and the imminent importance of the rule of law.

* Sharing intelligence and information among member associations: GBC boosts its members’ capacities by sharing information and analysis on global trends and emerging issues.

* Building joint positions: GBC shapes consensus and speaks with one voice on issues critical for enterprises

* Helping Shape global governance: GBC enhances its individual members’ outreach by combining the weight of major business associations from the world’s strongest economies to positively influence the international agenda By providing a unique link between governments, relevant international institutions and business communities, GBC has become instrumental in representing the voice of enterprise within the G20 process and other major international fora.