Five proposals presented in the context of the French presidential and legislative elections to support French companies in a complex globalized world.

On March 20th, MEDEF presented its globalization strategy for French companies in front of 300 guests of the private and public sector.

This high-level conference represented a unique opportunity to debate with candidates of the French presidential election about their programme concerning the internationalization of companies as well as international trade.

The French private sector believes that a stronger position of France and its businesses abroad can be achieved through measures structured around five themes:

1. Convince the French society and its businesses of the opportunities of globalization
– Sharpen information about export support for businesses

2. Create a fair and balanced level playing field for international trade
– Reinforce our ability to influence on national and international rules and standards

3. Promote and sell French know-how abroad
– Favour R&D
– Support innovative companies

4. Strengthen a collective approach for international markets
– Strengthen collective actions
– Encourage large corporates to bring in SMEs to international markets

5. Boost the efficiency of export support for businesses
– Develop appropriate tools for SMEs
– Streamline public and private support schemes

While the global world is getting more complex, with increasing protectionnist measures and a fragilised Europe, MEDEF believes that the French presidential and legislative elections represent a crucial time to drive France into a sustainable dynamic in favour of globalization.

MEDEF: Strengthening the position of France and its companies on the global scene

For any complementary information on the globalization strategy of MEDEF, please contact Christine Lepage, Director to the International Department:

Source: MEDEF