Active Growth & Youth Programs (AGYP) is a network of employers, entrepreneurs, institutions, and education/training stakeholders whose purpose is simple: focus on youth so as to build inclusive growth leverage on the continent through Entrepreneurship, Business and its partners. It is powered by the French Business Federation (MEDEF).

Focus on partnership between Africa and France, these Programs aim to:

  • Share a realistic vision/ambition for Africa and be aware of potentials for the future;
  • Put youth in contact with the men and women who symbolise entrepreneurial success to stimulate career interests;
  • Provide some keys and methods so as to engage in entrepreneurship or company development;
  • Encourage the creation and development of networks with companies and diasporas.

AGYP is a network for meetings, exchanges and amplification as well as being a hub of achievements between African youth and the business, entrepreneur and diaspora communities, in particular with French companies. 

From 2017, new Forums of Youth and Entrepreneurship will be organised on the African continent.

Stars in Africa in Nairobi on November 21-22, 2017

After Paris in December 2016 and Bamako in February 2017, AGYP is building something even bigger to promote youth and entrepreneurship. More than an international gathering, it organizes a unique momentum for doers and market-makers.

More than 60 Business Federations meet to power up youth & entrepreneurship:

  • Business Federations from Africa, from Europe and from other regions
  • Each of them is joining the event with their best companies, SMEs and start-ups

A thousand plus high-level international guests from business, politics and education.

  • Experts, entrepreneurs and leaders to bring concrete solutions for inclusive growth, jobs creation & entrepreneurship.
  • Young entrepreneurs, supercharged with their projects and ventures to meet and connect with their future

Two continents highlighted, all the continents invited. Two days designed for actions and result

  • Day 1: business delegations highlight best practices and concrete actions while launching new projects and business
  • Day 2: start-up world cup! Entrepreneurs and investors have a unique opportunity to meet

Complete program, for everyone to have takeaways

  • Grow: fundraising pitch, innovator stage, training spaces, workshop to gain expertise, marketplaces to find clients and gain reputation
  • Rocket: B2B matchmaking, corporate stands, the place for investors to plan the next step

Game changing outcomes

  • Business launched, deal announced and new relations tied
  • Joint declaration from African & European Private Sector, prior to the EU-Africa Heads of States Summit
  • Business Africa Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017
  • Annual forecast study on start-ups revealed
  • Prizes for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Source: AGYP

Image: Fotosearch