The forthcoming May 2019 European elections are a unique occasion “to recall to our citizens and employees that Europe, even if it has to improve itself, has brought an era of prosperity and peace to its Member States” says Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, French Business Federation‘s (MEDEF) President.

Last February, MEDEF launched “Merci l’Europe” (Thank you Europe), a public campaign which will be the opportunity for entrepreneurs to make their voice heard and promote a Europe that protects and inspires us daily. Throughout France, entrepreneurs, companies of all sizes and from all sectors will provide concrete evidence of what the European Union has allowed them to achieve.

MEDEF, in that respect, is convinced that entrepreneurs must engage in the European political process, particularly in view of the global political and economic context. “We want to tackle the European debate without complex” says Patrick Martin MEDEF’s delegate-president. “We do not have a shameful Europe, quite the contrary, we are proud and grateful to the European Union for all that it brings us. Europe must no longer be the scapegoat of our own inadequacies. Europe is a chance for us”.

In these times of anxiety and pessimism, MEDEF wishes to give the floor to entrepreneurs so that they can talk, simply and in practical terms, about what Europe has done for them demonstrating that Europe’s purpose is not for the few but for all, everywhere.

To that end, MEDEF created both a dedicated platform on its website and an information kit for our members which will act as a reminder of what is the European Union, the European institutions and the central political issues which will structure the elections.

“Merci l’Europe” is carried by 250 Testimony videos from individual entrepreneurs originating from all French regions and accessible on social media. Meetings will take place everywhere in France including with French politicians and candidates throughout the campaign.

Also, a political declaration calling for all to register to vote and promoting MEDEF ambition for Europe will be released.

Source: MEDEF