The French and British economies are intricately linked. Our primary trade surplus is with the United Kingdom. Around 400 000 French people work in the UK. Every sector, each individual company, has specific and unique interests regarding Brexit. Everything possible must be done in the forthcoming negotiation to avoid lessening the quality and the strength of this relationship.

French companies must continue to be able to trade with the UK without supplementary costs or restrictions. A level playing field must be ensured so that French companies can continue to invest and create jobs.

Brexit will require the commitment of a huge amount of energy, talent and competences over several years. This topic could therefore overshadow the real emergencies that Europe needs to tackle today and on which its citizens demand action: the imperatives of growth and employment in Europe. More than ever, after the US elections, the priority for Europe is the competitiveness of its companies in a globalised world. Brexit will be a long story. The future of the internal market and of the Euro are matters that will play out in the coming months and are fundamental for the development of French and European companies.

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Source: MEDEF

Image: Fotosearch