The digital transformation represents a major issue for all companies, whatever their size or sector of the economy. The French Business Confederation (MEDEF) decided to support SMEs to understand the benefits of digitalization and launched the “Digital Disruption Lab”. Through a series of exploratory missions conducted by Olivier Midière, MEDEF’s ambassador for digital, the Lab took its inspiration from international ecosystems and from the expertise of specialists and universities. The Digital Disruption Lab aims to bring back best practices in France and to provide support for business leaders in managing digital. It pursues three goals:

– Initiate partnerships with foreign ecosystems.

– Conceive and realize communication campaigns on the topic in France.

– Build an educational environment or “Learning expeditions” around these ecosystems.

MEDEF’s role in managing the digital disruption is to ensure French companies are fully informed and that they receive the adequate support needed, especially small and medium enterprises that have yet to embark on the digital journey and to seize the full range of opportunities offered by the digital revolution. The Digital Disruption lab reflects MEDEF’s commitment to the digital transformation of the French economy from the development of digital businesses to the support for traditional companies as they negotiate their shift within the digital revolution.

From May 2016 to June 2017, MEDEF’s team went to 21 countries over four continents and conducted more than 700 interviews including 200 French and foreign start-up and 50 governmental actors. MEDEF’s lab released its conclusions in a report last December to provide a better perspective on current challenges, on the work that has been done so far.

While countries such as the United-States, Estonia, Singapore, and Israël demonstrated leading environments for digitalization, several economies still need to improve their effort to support SMEs’ transition to a more efficient digitalization. France has achieved a mature ecosystem for digital companies but a few challenges still need to be faced.

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Source: MEDEF