The digital revolution offers new opportunities for companies. In the frame of both its action to reinforce the digital transition and to sustain the development of French companies, the MEDEF launched in October 2017 “MEDEF Accelerator”. The initiative takes the form of a digital platform that puts in touch SMEs and financial partners. In addition of providing innovative financial solutions to French SMEs, the aim of the project is to encourage entrepreneurs to pay attention to alternative sources to sustain their development by not only focus on what propose the traditional banking system.

Indeed, fourteen digital platforms specialized in providing financial support to companies concluded a partnership with MEDEF on this project. All taken together, they gather a potential financial support of a billion euro.

The first project, selected on January 17, 2018, is led by Metalliance, a French SMEs based Saone-et-Loire, which received a four-year funding of 500,000 euros with the support of WeShareBonds, a digital crowdlending platform dedicated to SMEs which partly associates private individuals.

Metalliance conceives and builds industrial equipment for railroads (Subways of Lima and Sydney) and tunnels. The company was looking for a quick and efficient financial support to keep on ensuring the commercial development of a new innovative product: the first electric train on tire able to be used in a confined space without rejecting toxic gas in order to preserve workers health. Metalliance’s project got financed in less than a month which makes the digital platform very efficient and adapted to the needs of SME’s.

MEDEF Accelerator targets SMEs (at least a three years activity and between 1 and 100 million euros turnover) which are looking for a financial support for their innovative projects. MEDEF’s initiative already shows very encouraging results. Over the past months, 300 application files have been submitted by SMEs through MEDEF’s platform, 50 are currently being studied.

Source: MEDEF (In French)

Image: 123RF