The French Business Federation‘s (MEDEF) “Summer University” became a unique opportunity for Heads of State and governments, union leaders, opinion makers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists to discuss the future developments of our society. Several French ministers including the French Prime Minister, Mr. Edouard Philippe joined the French entrepreneurs at HEC (Business School) Paris Campus, where the event took place.

“I would like to tell you my clear conviction on the fact that our country has transformed itself over the past twenty years, has known major transformations, some of them being very positive. They have been made possible by hard work, constancy and the effort of the entire French society and not only by those who have governed us alternatively over the past two decades,” declared the French Prime minister before confirming that France will keep on reforming itself until the end of President Macron’s five-year mandate: “We will progressively bring the corporate tax from 33,3% to 25% in 2022”. Mr. Philippe intends to keep France’s public deficit under 3% for 2018 and 2019. The French government will follow its trajectory of reducing taxes to increase France’s attractiveness.

“On our competitivity, we still have a big effort to do. You can believe in this government, you can believe in the commitment of the President of the Republic to reach this goal. We must make France the most attractive and competitive country of Europe” he said.

This year, in the context of the Brexit negotiation, MEDEF had the privilege to welcome two important figures of the United Kingdom. First, to deliver his speech, M. David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and former Minister of State for Europe declared that the UK was leaving the EU but not Europe. “My government has been clear throughout our discussions with our European partners on our future relationship: we want a deep and special partnership with the EU. We are and shall remain a proud European nation committed to European values, European security, and European trade” he said in an inspired speech to the French entrepreneurs.

MEDEF also welcomed Mr. Michael Russel, Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations in the Scottish Government who expressed the wish of Scotland to strengthen its relationship with the European Union in the future : “The Scottish Government will continue to argue for a common-sense approach to Brexit – one which preserves membership of the single market and customs union. We believe that it is the best outcome for Scotland, for the UK as a whole, and indeed for Europe”.

Source: MEDEF
Image: MEDEF UE 2018 – Romuald Meigneux