B20 in Saudi Arabia: GBC members participate to the Inception event (January, 15-17)

As host of this year B20, on October 26-27, Saudi Arabia held its Inception event on January 15th-17th, in Riyadh.

Businesses from around the world and some GBC members attend the kickoff meeting designed to launch the whole process (task forces, business panels…), showcase best practices as well as to allow better knowledge of Saoudi culture.

As network partner, among other prestigious bodies, the Global Business Coalition will be providing support to some Task Forces, among which Trade & Investment and Digitalization, disseminating recommendations. There will be more coming soon, detailing GBC’s advocacy.

Panel of Task Forces brought together on the occasion of this B20:

  • Digitalization
  • Energy, Sustainability & Climate
  • Finance & Infrastructure
  • Future of Work & Education 
  • Integrity & Compliance
  • Trade & Investment.
  • Women in Business will be Saudi Arabia’s signature topic.