“The vote of the Italians in the referendum confirms the need to respond decisively to the economic crisis. Then as now the economic issues – debt, deficit and still insufficient growth – remain open and must be resolved. The growth is, in fact, the only way to eliminate inequalities and poverty. These crucial issues are now being addressed with a medium-term economic policy”. This was declared by the President of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia, commenting on the results of the consultation.

“Our companies are committed to the utmost in a crucial effort to compete in international markets, added the President of Confindustria. We urge the political forces to respond to the needs of the country, the industry concerned and the European question, picking up the challenge of competitiveness. Only then can we have more jobs, more wages, in a more modern and cohesive country.”

Source: Confindustria

Image: Fotosearch