“Free trade, innovation and sustainability are priority elements for the industry”, commented Licia Mattioli, vice president for internationalization of Confindustria, who participated together with the Director General Marcella Panucci to the B20 Summit in Tokyo at the headquarters of Keidanren. The proposals of the industrial associations of the G20 countries have been gathered in the final declaration and delivered to the Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe, with the aim of bringing the priority items to the attention the political leaders for the G20 Osaka Summit, to be held at the end of June.

In these two days of work – said Mattioli – we shared proposals and suggestions with the other industrial associations to promote a freer but more uniformly regulated trade, without market distortions caused by state subsidies. And we have deepened the policies and actions necessary to make the society more inclusive, more specialized work, digitalisation at the service of man and not the other way, to make transparency a widespread value, to increase social and environmental sustainability at all levels and to make gender equality a palpable and concrete reality in all countries. If I had to summarize in a motto what emerged from the comparison of Tokyo I would say, “Be courageous, be strong. This is what businesses feel: we can change the world.”

Extracted and translated from Italian

Source: Confindustria