A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Confindustria and CONOU (National Consortium for the management, collection and treatment of used mineral oils) to start CircOILeconomy, a roadshow on the “Confindustria system” to improve the management and collection of lubricating oil used by companies: a hazardous waste for the environment and for the health of citizens, which if properly managed, can turn into an important economic resource.

In Italy the economic value of the oil used is significant, thanks to the annual recovery of 186,000 tons, 99% of which are recycled through regeneration, with significant savings on the country’s energy balance. In particular, the used oil collected in 2018 comes largely from the industrial sector. Making companies aware of the correct management of this waste is a further step to make the entire supply chain more efficient.

“The signing of the agreement – explains the President of the Confindustria Industry and Environment Technical Group Claudio Andrea Gemme – represents yet another initiative that we have undertaken to support new business models based on the circular economy in our production structure. We are convinced that thanks to the work we are carrying out with all the competent institutions, including supranational institutions, and initiatives directly involving our companies, such as today’s, the circular economy will increasingly be a central factor both for widespread wellbeing and for the competitiveness of our industries. Furthermore, as President of Anas,

“The Memorandum of Understanding signed with Confindustria” – explains the President of CONOU, Paolo Tomasi – “is a concrete contribution to the economic and sustainable growth of companies. CircOILeconomy intends to train entrepreneurs, who deal with a complex waste to manage, on the rules and procedures to be followed for its correct storage. In this way the quality of the collected oil will be improved, the regeneration process will be made more efficient and the production of regenerated base oil will increase, making companies increasingly protagonists of a virtuous system of circular economy “.

The CircOILeconomy Project
The project – for which Riccardo Piunti, Vice President CONOU is responsible – provides a roadshow that will stop in the main Italian cities, with a busy schedule of meetings aimed at companies to support them in fulfilling their legal obligations regarding the management of used oil. For companies to become “ambassadors” of good practices in handling hazardous waste, it translates into advantages in the form of brand reputation, reliability and new business opportunities: making environmentally conscious choices and economic sustainability facilitates relations with institutions, public administration and industry associations.

The training meetings, held at the local offices of Confindustria, also aim to bring together representatives and environment managers of the major companies producing used oil, competent institutions, CONOU dealers and regeneration companies, to make the supply chain more and more cohesive.

Source: Confindustria and CONOU