Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) launched on March 19, the “2019 International Agenda of Industry”, a set of 110 proposals aimed to strengthen Brazilian foreign trade. The document was prepared in consultation with the entire business community, including industry federations, industry associations, and companies.

In an event with representatives from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CNI’s Director of Industrial Development, Carlos Abijaodi said “a country more integrated to the world, produces, innovates and generates more jobs. The sustained resumption of economic growth and increased competitiveness of the industry require greater and better participation of Brazil in the international market”.

The document brings actions in areas of trade policy ranging from trade and investment agreements, passing through taxation and financing to trade facilitation. It also contemplates support services to the internationalization of companies. In its 4th edition, the agenda brings proposals of governance, an innovation that aims to contribute to the effectiveness of the management of Brazilian foreign trade.

“It is only with this broader look that foreign trade will cease to be just a way out for crisis episodes in the domestic market. And this complete look will make foreign trade, in fact, a backbone of the Brazilian competitiveness strategy”, said Abjiaodi.


1. Brazilian foreign trade institutional framework
2. Trade agreements
3. Barriers to trade
4. Brazilian investments abroad
5. Foreign trade facilitation
6. Foreign trade infrastructure and logistics
7. Taxation in foreign trade
8. Financing and guarantees for exports and investments
9. Trade Defence

Source: CNI