Led by Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI), a delegation of 23 representatives of companies and business organizations arrived in Berlin, Germany, on October 10th for visits to centers of reference in innovation and advanced manufacturing. The delegation was given a one-day introductory briefing to Germany’s project for industry 4.0 and spent the remaining four days making technical visits to public and private R&D centers and model industries. The mission’s objective was to foster cooperation between companies and institutions from both countries.

“Our strategy has been to understand the conceptual framework and to carefully select the venues which have proven to be successful. This is effective collaboration between academia and industry and in due time for business. We have mapped at least seven developments, such as new partnerships between companies and R&D centers and deals in tech and innovation, following our previous visits to the United States and Brazil”, says Gianna Sagazio, CNI’s director of Innovation.

The tour is a partnership between CNI and Instituto Euvaldo Lodi (IEL) and the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK-Brazil). The delegation to Germany represented industrial sectors such as aeronautical, capital goods, IT & e-communications, as well as government officials and academia. Visits were made to industrial plants of Siemens, Bosch and Telekom, in Berlin, Amberg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Brazilian executives from Embraer, GE, Microsoft and Liquigás were represented. Officials from MDIC, MCTIC, BNDES, INPI, SUFRAMA, SENAI, EMBRAPII, FAPESP, Unicamp, among other institutions were also represented.

The Immersion in Innovation Ecosystems Program is one of the top priorities of Brazil’s Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI) for 2016. The initiative is part of MEI’s “Global Insertion through Innovation” agenda, which seeks to facilitate public-private arrangements in science, technology and innovation, fostering co-operation between Brazilian companies and R&D centers in the frontier of knowledge and in the preparation of new talents in innovation.

Source: CNI