Recent changes to the policy and global environment place India on a strong footing for accelerating its growth momentum as the world’s fastest growing large economy over the medium term. India is preparing for the 75th year of its Independence in 2022, confident about its journey of transformation. The country envisages aspirational goals that will catapult it within a short time-frame into a virtuous orbit of a higher developmental level for all citizens.

As a nodal player in this trajectory, creating and driving the forces of growth with dynamism and dedication, Indian Industry will RISE to become more responsible, more inclusive, more sustainable, more entrepreneurial. As a partner in national development, CII is committed to fostering the growth of Indian Industry.

Over the last three years, India has achieved an average pace of GDP growth of 7.6 per cent, at the head of the growth table for large economies. It is widely expected that India would reprise a growth rate of 7 per cent in 2018-19 and build up speed to cross 8 per cent by 2022. It is time for India to be ready for becoming a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025-26 and Industry will remain the primary growth engine for this endeavor.

The imperatives for the economy over the coming year are many. Rural India would see a surge in investments as programs for doubling farmer incomes and human development gain momentum. Infrastructure too is set to receive close to Rs 6 trillion worth of investments over 2018-19 to build new roads and highways, aviation facilities, railway lines and port infrastructure. The manufacturing sector will receive high policy attention as a new industrial policy is announced. Services sectors are gaining a higher profile, converging with other sectors seamlessly through technology.

At the same time, India will need to reinvigorate its efforts to develop the quality of its primary education, align higher education and research to emerging technologies, and boost universal access to healthcare. Innovative new models are required for ensuring that inclusive growth patterns are strengthened. Sustainability remains a looming challenge, even as India is taking a strong lead in renewable energy and ensuring steps to combat climate change. Above all, governance, including ethical corporate governance, will remain a constant endeavor running through all engagement.

In this context, CII’s theme of ‘India RISE: Responsible. Inclusive. Sustainable. Entrepreneurial’ will reprise the key areas of engagement and further consolidate and drive the momentum of development. In 2018-19, the pillars of Indian industry will be strengthened in identified focus areas, including governance, that will together enable India to transform as it reaches the milestone of 75 years as a nation in 2022.

Building on the priorities of previous themes, CII in 2018-19 will work on the sub-themes as below:

Responsible India: India has embarked on a mission mode strategy for meeting its obligations to society and sustainability. The CII Centers of Excellence lead its activities to build a sustainable future for coming generations.

For inculcating best corporate practices among Indian enterprises, CII would build up its ongoing activities in the following areas:

  • Governance, Transparency and Accountability – Spurring best standards especially for smaller enterprises and financial sector; Electoral Reforms with focus on simultaneous elections;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Converging Industry’s human development activities with measures targeted at weaker sections of society such as women, the underprivileged, and children as well as historically vulnerable society members under its Affirmative Action Agenda.

Inclusive India: Building an inclusive India means ensuring that all citizens have access to the right opportunities that will unlock their fullest potential. CII is strongly engaged in education, skill development, on-the-job training, and career development. CII’s programs reach out to about 1 million youth each year.

In 2018-19, in addition to its ongoing programs, CII will focus on:

  • Agriculture – Doubling Farmers’ Income, promoting Farmer Producer Organizations and creating Agri Startups.
  • Quality of education – Teacher training and technology in education;
  • Skill development – Upskilling and re-skilling for aligning with emerging technologies;
  • Healthcare – Model healthcare with Quality and costs of access to medical facilities, and global care;
  • Employment – Public Private Partnerships, Job fairs, Model Career Centers and Apprenticeship

Sustainable India: India has embarked on a mission mode strategy for sustainability in its renewable energy footprint, mitigation and conservation strategies and resource efficiency. The CII Centers of Excellence lead its activities to build a sustainable future for coming generations. The focus areas for the year will be:

  • Renewable energy;
  • Energy efficiency and waste management;
  • Water management;
  • Climate change;
  • Green Business;

In all these areas, CII is already a pioneer and would continue to scale up and expand its outreach in the coming years.

Entrepreneurial India: India’s prosperity depends strongly on its natural talent for entrepreneurship and developing capable, competitive and advanced enterprises. CII works across sectors and regions with Central and state governments on policy advocacy for facilitating entrepreneurship and Industry. It has a strong presence internationally for opening new avenues of opportunity for Indian enterprises in partnership with the world.

CII is dedicated to strengthening the pillars of entrepreneurship, productivity and business ethics, especially for MSME. With its grassroots presence across the country, it works to enhance enterprise capabilities, compliance and governance across different fields. The drivers to be further expanded by CII, going forward:

  • Financing growth – Focus on Financial Sector to financing growth and technology;
  • Infrastructure – Business development and connectivity platforms; Promoting technology – Innovation; R&D; Blockxhain Technologies;
  • Promoting next gen manufacturing – Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Future Sectors with focus on Artificial Intelligence;
  • International business development – Service enhancing market access, Quality and Standards, International Trade Policy and Trade Facilitation;
  • Ease of doing business – Productivity; MSME competitiveness.

In these four thematic areas, CII is already a pioneer and would continue to scale up and expand its outreach in the coming years.

Deepening its partnership with society, working closely with Government, and strengthening competitiveness for enterprises, CII will continue to build its footprint across the parameters of national development and remain a key player in shaping India@75 to meet the aspirations and dreams of all Indians.

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Source: CII

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