“The Prime Minister has outlined a vision of a secure, prosperous and capable nation by 2022, driven by the collective power of 125 crore citizens of India. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)’s [email protected] campaign launched in 2008 is in line with Prime Minister’s objectives and emphasizes crowd-sourcing of ideas and spread of volunteerism to build a developed India. Indian industry pledges to continue our partnership for a New India as we complete 75 years as a free nation,” stated Ms Shobana Kamineni, President, CII, on the occasion of the 71st Independence Day of India.

CII appreciated the Prime Minister’s continued prioritisation of good governance, cooperative and competitive federalism, and leveraging technology for development. “The Government has taken multiple steps to address corruption and black money which are delivering notable results. CII believes that reforms such as GST and ease of doing business will further contribute to formalisation of the economy and widening the tax net, and we look forward to a more transparent and efficient economy by 2022,” added Ms Kamineni.

While welcoming lower inflation and downward interest rate cycle, CII called for strengthening policy reforms including a new industrial policy, entrepreneurship and employment creation, and empowerment of women in the workforce. “The development task to 2022 is challenging and will require strong policy action across multiple economic and social sectors. The Government has made a significant beginning, and all of us will need to put our hands together to move the needle of development,” stressed the CII President.

CII’s [email protected] program envisages an India that is ahead in the world based on its economic strength, technological vitality and moral leadership. Encompassing seven pillars such as business and economy, technology and innovation, and good governance, [email protected] aims to encourage mass participation towards development.

Source: CII

Image: 123RF