1 -The constitutional framework has been breached in Catalonia and we want to express our unconditional support to all the State institutions in their efforts to re-establish legality.

We have been able to emerge from the most severe economic crisis in recent times thanks, without a doubt, to the hard work of families and companies but, above all, because we could depend on a clear, stable and predictable legal framework that has generated credibility and trust, which are essential for business development, the investment of resources, the generation of growth and the creation of jobs.

2 – The economic consequences of the situation in Catalonia are already being felt by its citizens. Several hundreds of the 230,000 Catalan companies who employ workers have decided over the past few days to relocate their headquarters, which they have done, with the aim of fleeing from the legal insecurity perceived. At the same time, many sectors are already being adversely affected, something which will, undoubtedly, have an impact in terms of employment.

3 -We wish to convey our very special support to Catalan companies for the difficult position in which they find themselves.

4 – We want to convey our utmost restlessness and concern about the situation generated in Catalonia, which has repercussions throughout Spain. The damage has been huge, but we must all make an effort to raise the issues and seek solutions for all citizens, without forgetting that our best bet for the future is a strong and united Europe, one that is competitive and socially cohesive.

Source: CEOE